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Thursday, February 28, 2008
yes! successfully appealed into nyp accountancy and finance. omg! my dream course bt not my dream sch. bt no matter what, i have oredi got into the course! woah! so happy! haha. jus now while counting down to 2pm, i was tinking pessimistically that wad if i din get into the course....... i will go into early childhood and becum a nanny. haha! heaved a sigh of relief when i saw the appeal results. lol. anw, i still dunno where is nyp. haha. i only noe tt its somewhere in amk. oh my. how am i goin to go sch if i dunno where issit located? hahah! anw. i have got into nyp! feel happy for mi!!!!! bye!

3:22 PM ❤

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
back to blogging...

ytd: hahas. went to swim wif jiayen and dorcas at around 1 pm. at tt time, it was rather sunny and hot so in the end, we got sunburns. we left the pool at around 3+ pm and went for sakae buffet. we ordered many things via the computer system and when the orders came, we din even noe wad we hav ordered. tis is all thanks to jiayen tt we hav to finish eating everything! haha! bt luckily, the temaki tt we hav ordered din come. lol. In the midst of eating, jiayen n i video-called fiona to let her c the sushi we had for lunch. felt so guilty after callin her cos she can't eat sushi. bt realised tt she in c anithing thru her hp cos both of our fones aren't working well at tt time. anw, sorry fiona abt tt. went walking around to look for bags after our heavy lunch. haha. bt to no avail, we din manage to find any nice bags. headed back home after tt. when i reach hm, i realised tt my face and back were damn red and hot. so din really slp well at nite due to the pain tt the sunburns hav given mi.

today: nth interesting has happened. as usual, stayed at home and stone. nth to do. so boring. haix. hope tt i can get a job soon. well then, seeya next time!:)

1:48 PM ❤

Monday, February 25, 2008
hi! officially open tis blog! haha. i created it out of boredom so if im busy, u wun see me updating it. lol. find tt creating a blog is so troublesome n all the HTML code is so irritating. haix. bt anw, since i hav created it, i shall use it often when im free. haha. so link me for those who haven do so. seeya!:)

5:44 PM ❤


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