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Thursday, May 28, 2009
back here for some update! was quite busy when the projects start coming in. it's not all of the projects yet though but kinda feel the stress cos i cant catch up wif the pace the tutors and lecturers are going! omg! how am i gonna do well for this sem? i wonder. i have already told my mum not to have too much expectations on my results for tis sem cos i realli dun tink tt i will do well. haix. i mus realli buck up on my studies if not my overall is gonna be affected. i had 2 icas for this week and they are finally over! i realli have no confidence in the papers. not a single tiny winy bit of confidence man! i was struggling wif the 2 modules biz finance and cost a/c the day before cos i dunno wad the heck the lecturers were toking abt in the lectures. but luckily, they are over now. so now, i will have to focus on other modules which is the biz law, biz a/c ica on the coming mon and taxation on the following mon. i tink taxation is the module tt i dislike the most but wad to do? i still have to take it so in order to do well, i mus tell myself tt i like the module. haha. I LIKE TAXATION!!! okok. i shall stop ranting here.

next, today is the start of the circle line and i went to took the train. omg! the distance from one line to the other is so damn far! i tink my time is spent more on walking than on taking the train. the distance is esp long in the bishan station. i tink it's even longer than the distance in cityhall. haix, i might reconsider my decision in taking mrt to sch and back home everyday.

this few days, i dunno y my actions make my clique laugh so much. but it's good that they laugh. hehe. so am i considered a stress reliever to them? i hope so but im definitely not a joker. hehe. i jus entertain ppl. tt's all. i mus try to be low profile liao to protect my own image. hehe. okok. i shall stop here! wish mi luck for my upcoming icas bahx! tata. till then.

10:39 PM ❤

Saturday, May 2, 2009
yo everyone! i finally came back to blog. haha. sch was ok tis week. it's the first week so there wasn't much things to do. now, i have gotta catch up wif my tutorials after much procrastination a few days ago. im too used to playing games everyday during the holidays so when i was asked to do tutorials instead of playing games, i get tired easily. sian. i wish i could adapt back to my study life quickly if not my grades will fall lyk nobody's business. serene, pls wake up now!!!

so mon, went to sch early to get all my lecture notes. well, it was hell heavy cos we got all the modules notes together. i tink i din spent tt much on notes and textbook as i used to be for year 1 and i was quite amazed becos it was year 2 oredi, i tot the notes and textbook will cost ur a bomb, haha. i tink bags will be heavy for us now cos i have many lectures in a day due to the short duration of 1 hr for each. then we have to bring laptop to sch now and then. it's no longer lyk year 1 anymore when we could giv the excuse tt we r year 1 and couldn't used to bringing laptop to sch.

then tues was alrite. the ICCM lecturer is damn funny. we could laugh non-stop during his lecture. so it was fun taking this elective. haha.

then it was wed, had ICT and when the tutor came into our class, we start to keep quiet and when she says she lyk noisy class, everybody start making noise. it was quite weird for a tutor to say tt she lyks noisy class. she is a new tutor though and has the same christian name as zm. haha. so we start making fun of zm. hehe.

thurs was fun! we had 4 hrs break in between and we went causeway point. we ate ajisen ramen for lunch and i tink it expensive. but once in a while it's alrite la. then after tt, went to get my lanyard for my hp. im not used to wearing it. haha. then after tt, we went arcade. we all played the stimuline in which we get to experience the entire journey in 3D. the machine tt we sat on is able to move up and down, left and right. haha. it was fun! then we played DDR2. i was an idiot at this cos it's my first time. jo was good at it. then while 2 were playing DDR2, the rest played drum. the songs were weird. luckily im the first to play the drum, if not they will choose the difficult songs for sure. haha. before we left, we went to play a disc game(i dunno wad issit called), and our grp (zm, karen, and mi) lost! sob sob. but nvm, we had fun. haha. went back to sch after tt for lessons. i was damn tired after goin out and i fell asleep during lectures. haha. for bizf tutorial, we have got a french in our class. and when the tutor who is janice lau tell mi to interact wif the french, she always speak to mi in chinese. it's so weird la. then whenever she says chinese, i will end wif y does she speak to mi in chi? haha.

fri, went out wif karen and zm to bugis! i was late as usual but not very late. hehe. i spent alot of money! bought 5 bottles of hello panda and 1 for zm and karen. then a hoodie, a knee length shorts, a handphone cover nad 2 belts!! omg! i realli spent too much ytd. i wanted to buy a pair of heels but in the end, i din if not i would have spent even more money. haha. okok. i shall start doin my tutorials now. i onli finish 1 so far when i have 5 other tutorials to complete. ok. bye!

8:33 PM ❤


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