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Friday, March 7, 2008
here to post before my blog becum dead.. hahas. jus to recap on wad i hav done during the last few days.

tues: went out wif 2 of my darlings to orchard far east plaza for shopping. had fun there and a fun thing happened to fiona. jermaine and i decided to play wif fiona. so when she was walking infront of 2 of us, we stop and sat on a bench and fiona continue walking.. not knowing tt we r not followin her, she turned and saw no one, bt realise tt we r sitting on the bench. haha. then she came walking quickly to the bench and sit together wif us. fiona's expression was so funny. hahahah! guess wad! when we r seated together, fiona took out the her phone to take pics. haha. bt some of them were not well taken. lol. and i went for a job interview too! hoping tt i will get a job bt when i came to noe tt the date tt we r goin to take our salary is 25th of every month, i was thinking tt i dun wan to work le cos i dun lyk to be paid so late. lol. then tt was the end of tues and i bought a shorts finally!

wed: went out wif darling fiona, xinyi and sherene. had lunch at cafe cartel and it was a student meal so i was required to produce a student pass.. when one of the staff came to our table to take a look at the student pass, i was so scared becos i lost mine oredi so i took a very long time to pretend tt im taking out then the staff was so impatient tt he said nvm, allowed mi to order the student meal and went off. haha. their service is so inefficient and they took such a long time to hav our desserts being served, so maybe tts y we nid pay them service charge. haha. after our lunch, we went off to bugis to shop and wanted to get a bag for poly but saw nth nice so in the end, i din buy any. as it was still early, we went to catch a movie called Meet the Spartans. it was a waste of money to watch tt movie. no story line and it was lyk a combi of advertisement of the eng variety show. omg, so regret watching tt movie.

all in all, the 2 days were well spent bt as for the rest of the days, i was stoning at home. if anyone tt im close to wans to go out, feel free to ask mi along cos i reali dun wan to stay at hm... tis is such a long post. hope tt no one will fall aslp when reading it. hahas. till we meet:)

photos will be uploaded soon!

3:29 PM ❤


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