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Sunday, March 30, 2008
hi! back to blogging after a long time.

well on good friday, i went kbox at tpy wif my 2 sis in the afternoon. before tt, i went wif my family to go jogging in the morning. yupp, so back to saying abt kbox. we sang for 5 hrs there and the charges are much more expensive cos its a public holiday and i dun tink tt the toilets are haunted lyk some ppl hav said. after kbox, we had our dinner at a korean restaurant in bugis. it was so nice and appetising. after having our dinner, since we are graving for more food, we went to hav dessert. the dessert was nice too! haha. after tt, it was home sweet home. oh ya btw, i haven receive fotos frm fiona tt we took in kbox few weeks ago so i dun hav fotos to upload yet.

on wed, went swimming wif darling at tpy. tis is the first time i swam quite a lot. all thanks to fiona cos she said tt she wanted to train her stamina and i got motivated to swim. btw, fiona forgot to bring gogles so the first time she swim, she swam in circle and i stop her and lend her my gogles. haha. lolx. and i went back home after tt cos fiona is goin to hav lunch wif her mum and jermaine doesn't want to come out so i hav no choice but to go home. once again, i had sunburnt bt it wasn't as bad as before. haha. and im turning abit darker. hooray!

on fri morning, i went jogging too wif my mum bt i din manage to run to bishan bt i ran to tpy instead. haha. and on tt day, fiona ask mi out to go walk walk bt im too lazy and tired to do so. sry fiona. and btw, received a letter instead of an sms frm nyp saying tt the orientation will be on 10th and 11th april instead of 9th to 11th. omg, its so less la. orientation for onli 2 days is not enuf and nyp din even hav an overnite camp!! anw, hope tt the 2-day foc will be fun then. and sch will be starting soon! it will be 14th april which is 2 days after my orientation! and..... i haven got my bag yet!! when am i gonna get one?!?! anw, will be goin back to whitley wif jermaine and fiona on april fool's day to collect my cert and testimonial. hope tt it wun turn out to be a joke. haha. ok, im jus being lame. lolx.

so tts all for now, waiting for orientation to come and sch to reopen and more things will be posted up then. till we meet. seeya!:)

11:24 AM ❤


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