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Saturday, April 5, 2008
im back! well, send my fone for servicing on thurs at nokia wheelocks place(darling fiona dread goin there). i ask for the price at the information counter before asking for the queue no. becos i do not have the warranty animore and they told mi tt the cost will be around $30 to $40 so i agreed to service my fone. so when they call mi today to inform mi tt my fone was ready, they say tt the cost is $48.50 and after i put down the fone, i was lyk wth! y so ex? feel lyk being cheated la. nvm then, no point crying over spilt milk cos wad done cannot be undone. so be it! i will hav to fork out my own money to pay le.. haix. im so poor!

after tt on thurs, went to amk ticket office to make my tertiary ez-link card bt i din manage to make it cos i hav no record wif transitlink so i ask around to c wad i hav to do so darling told mi to call nyp to enquire so i did on fri and they told mi to giv them some more time cos they haven send in my particulars yet. ok then. i made a wasted trip to amk. y does this happen to mi and not others?

on fri, went to help out at my grandma's stall because it was Qing Ming Festival. had to wake up early to help. i promise my mum to go down at 8 am so i set my alarm at 7.30am bt i cant manage to wake up so in the end, i wake up at around 8+am bt luckily, there wasn't tt much ppl when i go down to help.

looking forward to sch of business management orientation camp on thurs! nth to blog le. till then. seeya!

4:15 PM ❤


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