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Thursday, June 12, 2008
hi! im back from camp! enjoyed the camp! luckily i decided to go for it, if not i will be missing out the fun!

well, 1st day(mon), we did some ice-breaking games and get to know each other. then we had lunch which i tink its nice and filling. after that, we played amazing race where there are many stations to complete but unfortunately, we couldn't finish all the stations and btw, im made the group leader for my grp which is named Anything. and i was suppose to carry my hp around and i tink it is of no use and its a hassle to carry around. but other than this, i have enjoyed the activities and the most unforgettable station is the station whereby we are tested on strengths and i wan to thank jingting for the help, if not we will not be able to finsh the station. at nite, we have wushu training but it wasn't a proper one cos we onli did all the stretching and leg-kicking, thus we ended up playing catching and balls.

2nd day(tues), we had P.T in the morning and had to run for 3 rounds which i tink its quite acceptable cos there is other P.T that are even tougher. and i managed to finish the 3 rounds. yeah! after tt, was breakfast followed by games. can't rmb wad we play but one of them was water activities and i enjoyed the times when we are playing in the pool cos everybody enjoyed themselves and bond very well during tt time. after tt, it was dinner, followed by wushu training which is the same as wad we did on the first day. at nite, we had fusion nite whereby we had to come up with a performance that has got to do with wushu. our grp performed the last and i dun tink i played the role well cos im laughing all the way and i tink im the one tt spoil the performance thus a big sorry to my grp members even if u r not reading this post. after tt, we had our bath and we played wushu's human checkers and follow by a show/movie on wushu. it was interesting. haha.

3rd day(wed) as usual, P.T in the morning then followed by breakfast, then reflections we had on the camp and the areas of improvement to suggest. i tink they had done a great job in organising the camp but they keep on saying that they had done a bad job. ok. then was home sweet home.

it was suppose to be a 3 days 2 nite camp but it wasn't cos we had training in the evening on wed thus we had to go back to sch to have training. but all in all, enjoyed the camp, times spent and interactios with old frens(liyan, yaoteck) and new frens(liping, naiyu, shuting, etc.) as well as seniors. hope that the next camp will be fun and im looking forward to it!

i have made a very long post and sorry that i only made the post today and not ytd cos im realli very tired ytd. will be having wushu training next wed and will be goin for dance camp. so till then, ciaos! (:

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