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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
hi! im back here blogging. well, ytd was a fun day for mi becos i din touch and do any hmwk at all and i went out almost the whole day. haha. i went to watch 2 movies ytd with my 2 sis and my cousin. i watched KUNGFU PANDA and CHRONICLES OF NARNIA! they were simply awesome! kungfu panda i can say its funny and lame at the same time but i enjoy the movie and i learn something from the movie which is useful in life. lolx. the movie is just so nice to watch. go catch it!

the chronicles of narnia was nice too but by the time i watch it, i was already very tired so i kinda dozed off during some part of the show but luckily i caught wad the movie is toking abt so kinda enjoy it. the movie is abt the war between narnians and human beings? i tink so. haha. then the war started when the narnians wanted to take back their island named Narnia and the movie goes on........ go catch the movie if u wanna noe the story! haha!

then at nite, went out for dinner to celebrate father's day. the food was nice and i enjoy it! the place that we sit is also comfortable because we sat at the VIP room cos my grandmother noe the boss there. haha. but the food ytd was kinda salty so when we r eating, cousins and i were saying that the chef is being ditched or maybe mistaken salt as sugar. haha. so thge dinner ended with a happy tone becos all had their fills.

tmr, there will be whitley dance camp and then followed by wushu in NYP in the evening. its a pity tt i cant stay for the bbq at nite and thurs will be another day for dance camp so my 2 days are packed thus i will have to complete my part in the project. so blog till here. gtg do my project le. till then. ciaos.

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