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Friday, June 27, 2008
hi! im back here. jus to update on my pathetic blog becos liyan say my blog is rotting soon. well, celebrated my mum's belated b'dae on sat. eldest sis went to buy a durian cake and some durian crepes at goodwood park hotel. when she reach there, she saw durian puff which is very tempting to her so she bought tt as well so in the end, she spend more than 100 bucks buying those durian delicacies. all i can say tt they were damn nice. its worth the money la. so tt was an enjoyable night i could say. haha. pictures will be uploaded ltr.

wed, accompany liyan to wait for wushu to start so walk around in sch wif her. and my legs became swollen due to walking. but she keep on asking whether i can walk anot then i say can so cannot blame her. i dun wan to keep on sitting down and do nth. it will be so boring la. and my leg can bend better after tt long walk. haha. so mus thank her as well. anw, i onli accompany her until 5pm. i feel lyk staying for the training but i have to go to the doctor at nite so i din stay.

as requested by liyan, to ask mi to tok abt my feelings of not goin for training. ok. i feel SAD cos i missed out alot of things. they learn new things tt day which i dunno wad is it. and bored at home as well cos normally on wed, i will be home late at night due to training but tt day was jus another boring day for mi. haix. and heard tt somebody got injured. next time mus be very careful during training. and another thing is tt the sat event is being postpone. shld i be happy or sad abt it? haha.

then is thurs. i had my stats project presentation which i screwed up la. was so damn nervous and nth right came out frm my mouth. wad i had memorise was all gone cos when i go up to present, my mind was blank, couldn't tink of wad to say. haha. so overall, i screwed up and we had overrun which might cause us to get penalties. anw, we shldn't cry over spilled milk so i shld prepare well for my next presentation which is marketing. i shall stop here now. till then, ciaos!

durian b'dae cake! is damn nice lorx! $40+.

durian crepes! filing is thick and it's delicious! ex as well. 8 for $38.80.

durian tarts. delicious and doesn't it looks appealing? 1 for $1.80 i tink so.


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