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Thursday, June 19, 2008
im back! ytd, i went to whitley's dance camp or maybe it's considered a workshop and i learn 3 choreography. they were locking, reggae and lyrical hiphop but i din manage to finish learning the choreo of lyrical hiphop as i have to rush off for my wushu training in the evening. i dance from 9+am to 4+pm and in between, there were games organised to bond the team and i was involved too even though im an alumni.

ok. so it was wushu. a very unpleasant thing happen to mi. i hurt my knee when i was doin one of the stunts which is teng kong fei dui and i din land properly so i sprain my knee. then i was there doin nth for 1 hr as my knee hurts. feel so bad la becos i miss out alot of things. ): i had this injury partly becos i was too tired after my dance and i din had enuf sleep becos i slept at 3 am the previous nite and woke up at 7am to get ready to go for my dance camp. so the moral of the story is that have enuf sleep before wushu training and dun strain urself during training. well, hope tt i will recover quickly so tt i will be able to go for wushu training or else i will not be able to catch up wif the rest and becum the slowest among everybody. haix. anw, thanks to everybody who ask abt the condition of my knee and all those who accompany mi to the interchange slowly. hope tt i wun giv u a shock on the stairs when i was walking towards the interchange. thanks you. really appreciate it. will recover soon de and join u all for training. (: ok, shall end here. till then, seeya!

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