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Thursday, July 3, 2008
back here blogging becos i got nth to do now. waiting for my marketing project discussion to start. haix. sianx.
ytd, went for wushu but its so boring cos i jus sit there for 2 hrs watching they all do their routine, warm up and stunts. how i wish i can recover faster and join them in the training. the last sat event is postpone to this sat so i will be goin cos i manage to purchase my uniform le. and my $57 is gone..... sob. but i dunnoy i will be goin there becos i cant do anithing and i can onli sit there. they learn tang tui san lu so i missed out alot cos i din even learn er lu. haix. and they learn alot of other jump which i din learn as well. im gonna be the slowest amng everybody. jus hope that someone will allow mi to do wu bu quan during the sat event. anw, i tink i din say wad's the sat event is about. ok. we are gonna be on tv regarding duan wu jie on channel 5. i find tt weird cos y does an eng channel wans to do things regarding a chi festival? haha. nvm then. so looking forward to sat.

jus an update on my results. got back 1 individual project which is ICA1 principle of marketing. quite shock tt i wil get tt results becos i was jus crapping my way thru. haha. and another one tt i got back is principle of accounts and i got the same results as the ICA1 marketing project. seems like i have yuan fen wif the number. haha. and next will be access walkthru presentation and Q and A session. i did quite badly for tt. cos its not even an A haix, i shall work hard for tt module. there's still other papers tt i haven take back yet. so hope tt i can pass them and not fail. gtg now. till then. ciaos.

gonna work real hard towards my desired GPA and wushu! jiayou, i can do it!!!

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