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Sunday, July 6, 2008
hi! im back! on thurs, did marketing project wif grp members till 4+pm when my lesson ended at 12nn. imagine we did for so long yet still haven finish yet. ok. then it was fri. i got back my macroecons paper. i was so scared tt i fail tis test la becos i always failed my humanities during in secondary sch. but i actually passed the test! although my marks is border-line pass but im still so glad. i shall work hard for this module and not be pessimistic. i can do it!

ok. then it's sat. during midnite, i did up my executive summary for my marketing project cos i wun be free in the afternoon to do it so i stayed up till 4.30am to complete the summary then send to my grp mates for compiling. oh. and thanks liyan for staying up to help mi wif the summary and the points she given mi have helped mi developed the summary quickly. THANKS LIYAN! LOVE YOU!! then i woke up at 8+ to get ready to go to sch to meet up wif wushu peeps. i met up wif liyan in bus 13 first then we 13-ed to sch together and met up wif liping mac. we chit-chatted and it's fun to chit-chat wif them. aftet tt, met up wif the rest of the ppl for lunch but i din eat. then it was time to meet up wif our seniors and off to Pei Kio CC. when we were there, we sat down and tok cos we reach there early and when the time came, we realise that we r filming for a channel U show and not channel 5 and the show is about hand-made and machine-made dumpling as in jiao zi not zhong zi. haha. so after tt, GY coach, jd, sy and 3 dewu peeps did their routines and shooting begins. they took 3 takes if im not wrong to finish the shooting there. next was the whole grp of ppl doin wu bu quan. i din do cos im still injured so i sat down to look at them. so after tt, the rest of the shooting for the show named Man VS Machine begins. we are being asked to eat and test the dumplings and see which one is nice. and we r supposed to vote which one is nier at the end of the show. we got interviewed and at first i sabo-ed liyan up and then she sabo-ed GY coach up to get interviewed. then after the interview, GY coach sabo-ed liyan up to get interviewed. so i tot tt i wun be interviewed then the host cai lilian was asking another person for interview, then she sabo mi up to get interviewed. jus hope tt the part tt i was interviewed will be cut away. and after everything, my leg is swollen again cos i stand thru out the shooting session. sob. but nvm, its an experience to mi and i finally realise tt shooting isn't easy at all after the number of takes we had ytd. so it was home sweet home.

then it was today. i went back to sch to do my marketing project which is due tmr so which means i have gone back to sch for 7 days in tis week. omg! anw, gtg do my tutorials le.

i will end this wif a foto. till then. ciaos.
liyan, cai lilian and me!

8:02 PM ❤


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