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Wednesday, July 9, 2008
im back here! tis is the time when i am suppose to be homework-ing but im jus too lazy to do it so i shall blog.

monday, lesson were as usual cos we don't have youth day holiday. sad lorx. we are still youth so y we dun have the holiday? it's a fact la. so unfair. bt nvm, we will not have any youth day holiday frm now onwards. ok. so for tues, our grp suppose to have marketing presentation but something cropped up so in the end, we din present so i wear formal wear for nth bt tt cant be blame la. it's not as if she want tt to happen so i will jus hope tt she will recover soon and present wif us next tues. RECOVER SOON! ZHIMIN!

and something bad happen ytd. i bid farewell to my bf. its the eve of his b'dae. i din mean to do it but i really cant take it anymore. this isn't the relationship tt i wan. when we first patch up, u said tt we can try to improve on our relationship but it seems tt nth is done. maybe it's partly my fault cos i was busy wif my schoolwork when we first started out but u knew it all along. but when im free, i took the initiative to contact u but u dun seem to be interested. im disappointed cos i tot everything will go well but now, it has ended. last month, i oredi know tt something will happen de so im quite prepared for this liao. anw, since today is ur b'dae, i shall wish u a very happy 18th b'dae! and all the best to u!

ok, enuf of tt. let's tok abt something happy which is today! i went back to whitley wif fiona darling, liyan bestie, xiao xiao(xinhui) and yao teck to collect our testimonial. we had a great chat along the way there although the bus journey was lyk around 7 stops. i tok to fiona on the bus and it was lyk dunno how long since i last tok to her lyk tt. had fun today! and at 4pm, jermaine darling came to meet us in sch as well to collect her testimonial. we also catch up wif each other for a wile and we had to leave the sch cos liyan is goin back for her wushu training and i went back to stay for 1 hr of wushu as well. haha. i tink im lame to do tt lorx. and i dun tink i will be goin for the rest of the training until my leg recovers. as wad cw say, i mus recover soon cos the rest are ahead of mi by alot and this makes mi the slowest among everybody so i hoe tt my leg will listen to mi and recover soon. lolx! ok. i shall get goin le. gonna start doin tutorials liao. till then. seeya!

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