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Friday, July 18, 2008
it has been awhile since i blogged cos im too lazy busy to blog. so im back here blogging! so in the past few days, i had lots of project to chiong so i was lyk practically staying back everyday for project discussion. all i can say is the word TIRED!! on mon, i stayed back for EWS project and everything jus went smoothly. its jus tt one of our grp mate din make it becos he has got his econs project to discuss so we r lyk teasing him in the midst of the discussion tt we will penalise him in the peer evaluation form. haha. but of cos we wun! we r not so bad la. lolx.

and then it was tues, it was a long day which ended at 5pm. i had my marketing project presentation! was so nervous during tt time cos we r the first grp to present. all in all, everything went smoothly and we got comments from the tutor which we will rmb and improve on it. after tt, i pon lecture to go to some talk and i cant help by falling asleep but when a hunk was the next to speak, all of us was lyk becoming so energetic. haha. maybe its due to something tt make us not to slp. lolx. anw, i did learn something fromt the talk so it wasn't a wasted trip there.

wed, i had my POA ICA2. i tink it wasn't well done i guess cos my ans was different frm my frens and they were stronger than mi in POA so i tink i did wrongly liao. ok. enuf of tt. then i had EWS project discussion again. it was a pretty short one cos we jus told each other wad to do and off we went home. but i din went home. i went to mac to look for liyan k. and stayed for a while. so after tt, went hm and gave wushu training a miss since i cant do anything there. but i sort of regretted not goin cos many interesting and fun things happen there. haha!

then it was ytd, stayed for econs project discussion and was told wad i shld do for my part. so we split up and do our part and the internet network was making fun of us and did not allow us to surf the yahoo and google website so in the end, we had to go home and do. but till now, i haven even done my part yet when the next discussion is tmr. YES! its a sat and we r doin it in sch!

then today, got back my EWS ICA2 and the results sucks man! haix, i cant jus get good results for tt module! anw, lesson was boring today and i was bullied by xiao mean and xiao human (this were nicknames given to them). haha. sob sob. they are so bad! ): but they r still my best frens cos im happy wif them despite all the bullying. haha. its a long post today so xiao mean, dun say im lazy to blog. gtg. till then. ciaos.

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