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Saturday, August 2, 2008
back to blogging after a week. maybe i shld only blog once a week. haha.

mon, sch as usual. nth much happen. still as boring. went to sch alone in the morning cos liyan kwek had her presentation at 10am but for mi, i had mine on 9am so cant wait for her. during POA tutorial, i got back my ICA2 results. was shocked to see the results cos wasn't confident abt wad im doin is correct. it was tyco for mi to get the results. i tink i will not be able to get tt kind of results during the main exams. liyan and i both had a lucky day cos din see anyone on tt day(only mi and she noes wad's goin on, lolx.). if i din rmb wrongly, we went home together. and she say tt i will see someone on tues and it really came true la. so suay! haha. i dun tink u all noe wd im toking abt cos nobody else noes except mi and liyan. lolx.

tues, had lesson and BSA presentation. it wa like shit lorx. was so nervous during the presentation and i actually forgot the things i should do during my own qns in the Q&A session. i was given the easiest qns of all the team mates but i can handle my grps mate's qns and not mine. haix. jus hope tt she wun penalise mi. well, our grp did ok for the presentation and we r the 2nd grp to get the grp's question nested IF function correct and to tink tt we r the 2nd last grp to present so it was lyk onli the last 3 grp got the nested IF function correct.

wed, wed, had EWS consultation in the morning but we had got no qns to ask the tutor so we proceed on doin up our presentation slides during the lesson. so we once again separated our work and compile after finishing everything. i did editing of the executive summary as well and make it 3/4 page long when it was only close to 1/2 a page long at first. haha. din noe i got the ability to write so many crap la. lolx. maybe its due to my ability to be long-winded bahx. issit a strength or weakness? so in the afternoon continue with the project in the library we hav booked. well, alot of ppl got nth to do cos it was almost done and only karen aka xiaohuman is editing and compiling the ppt slides. so we slack. after finishing, we watch beach ball babes in the room on mobtv. haha. i din realli catch all the episodes of the show but nevertheless, i still roughly noe wad the story is toking abt. after tt, off to changing my clothes as wushu was starting soon. my first time i start to train ever since my injury 1 month ago. lolx. it was tough on mi cos din stretch for very long liao. and my leg has not recovered fully. have difficulty doin some warm-ups. and i skipped the stunts part cos i still cant jump. haix. got to buck up liao and hope tt my leg can recover fully soon. i had muscles ache after the training and my leg is sort of injured again. haix.

thurs, my both legs are damn painful la. but beared the pain cos i tink i will always be lyk tt after every wushu training tt i go. so mus ci guan cheng zi ran. lolx. got my our grp's stats project results. i could say tt it was not well done and i got back my stats ICA2 as well. i can say tt im very tyco cos i din really expect to get tt results. haha. i was jus trying my luck to apply wad i noe from the topics. so well. jus lucky to get tt results. went to eat mac after the tutorial and got my 4th olympic cup! jus one last cup next week and i tink i will not eat mac for a very long time. cos im getting tired of eating mac! ok. stayed to watch beach ball babes (2nd last episode) on mobtv in the mac and off we went hm after the show.

fri, had EWS presentation and project submission. was quite nervous becos i was not prepared for it and our grp was the first grp to present. and finally tt marks the end of all project and presentation cos its the last one tt we have for this sem! yeahx! so after the presentation, we are playing viwawa in class with xiaohuman and xiaomean. lolx. and off we go to change out from our formal attire. and of cos we took a pic before changing in the washroom. gonna post up ltr. so after tt, it was lessons. before tt, during lunch time we went to splash and decker to get something and on our way back to north canteen, xiaohuman and xiaomean was so bad lorx. they din wait for mi and jus walk damn fast and i was unable to catch up becos i was having problem wif my leg and when reaching there, they tot tt i was angry as i din tok and smile to them at all. lolx. i jus wan to scare them lorx. ok. it was lame. i tink i will stop here cos everybody would have fall asleep while reading this post. hahaha! (pardon me if i have any spelling mistakes. im jus lazy to edit it.)

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in formal attire and where is xiaomean looing at?!?!

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liyan kwek and mi! on the bus. haha.

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cup noodles tt we had during our lunch on wed.

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animation of xiaomean. taken ytd during luch break.

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