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Thursday, August 21, 2008
im back finally after 3 weeks! such a long period. haha. was busy revising for my exams and its finally over! so here i am!

jus a small recap. went out wif my darlings 1 week before my exams. i miss them so much! but its a pity tt yijun darling din manage to turn up. it seems lyk there is always 1 person tt will be missing during our gathering. we wanted to have sakura tt day but the tpy's outlet had closed down so we had no choice but to settle our dinner at pizza hut. photos will be up ltr.

so had my exams for the past 2 weeks. the papers were manageable except for POM(marketing). first paper: macroeconomics. my so-called bad module becos it's a humanities module but i tink i had done my very best liao. went to amk hub after the paper becos xiaomean wanna eat crispy mushroom so we took a bus which takes us 1 round around amk. such a waste of time! but anw, zhimin is happy cos she finally ate her crispy mushroom. lolx.

second paper: stats theory. quite manageable too. some errors here and there but wad done cannot be undone. lolx. hope tt it wun be a disappointment. after tt, rush home immediately to study for next paper.

third paper: POM(marketing). the worse paper of all. the supp paper is waiting for mi. i was laughing during the exam becos almost all the thngs tt i wrote was created by myself. i tink i can cum out wif my own marketing concept already and whoever marks my paper will puke blood man! and i did a stupid thing. the section which ask we all to choose 2 out of 3 qns to do. i actually skipped the qns jus becos i din noe how to do the first part of the qns which is 4 marks and i actually did the other qns which i cant ans the 9 marks qns! so stupid of mi. so i guess supp paper is waiting for mi.

last paper: POA. took the paper today and had high expectations for it but i tink its a disappointment as well cos i din manage to balance my balance sheet. before the exam start, karen was saying tt A=L+OE and i was lyk saying, "wad's tt?" then she say balance sheet can be balnce in this way. then i was lyk so shock and happy to noe abt this la. shock becos this was taught in the first lesson and i still do not noe and happy becos i found out jus before the exam. thanks karen for telling mi tt! haha. so after exam, we walk t the mrt station together and when liyan and i reach the bus interchange, i realise someting, i left my jacket at the exam hall! so liyan and i almost run all the way back to the sports hall to get my jacket. thanks liyan! love ya lots for accompanying mi run back to sports hall. haha.

went to tpy to loiter for a while and back home. its a pity tt xiao xiao band din manage to go for dinner today cos zhimin wasn't feeling wel and was asked to go home and rest. jus hope tt she will recover soon and we will meet up during the hols for our make-up dinner.

and last but not least, i skipped wushu ytd due to exams and quite a number of ppl din turn up as wad i heard. haha. anw, went to watch wushu competition on fri night to support some of the seniors. all in all, wushu peeps did a great job!

wait. i nid a job. if anyone got job lobang, pls leave mi a tag. thx!

ok. photos!


pictures of darlings!

emo karen?

gift given by ms lena yeo. taken on a messy table.

oops! i wrote something on the arm rest!

last but not least, i shall end this photo cos it's late now and i nid a rest too!

liyan sleeping in class! photo credits to her classmate!


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