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Saturday, October 25, 2008
im here to blog! it's been a week so this means tt i have gone thru another week of sch! ahix. the busy days are cuming soon. mon and tues lessons as usual and nth great happen. then i tink for the rest of the sem, wed and thurs will be marked as unlucky days cos i have no idea y one tutor has been picking on mi since his lesson starts. i did nth wrong and im so innocent! i realli have no idea y he kept calling mi to ans the qns! it's lyk wth!!! haix. maybe im jus plain unlucky! ok. so there is training on wed evening. the training was hiong (tough) la. we kept doin the stances over and over again becos we had performance cuming up but i dun wish to perform! i tink i will be an embarassment. ok. so we did the stances for more than 5 times and in slow and fast counting. i was dead beat when i got home. but i realise tt after the training, i feel energetic maybe becos it's the end of the training i guess so. then went home with liyan. thurs is the most unlucky day of the week! i shall not mention it. and i got interweb ica1 and i scored average for tt cos i was not fully prepared for the test. then fri, reached sch 1 hr earlier to discuss the POM tutorial qns as a grp. but we only use 30mins to do tt. the rest of the time is used for chit-chatting and crapping. then lessons till 2+pm so i waited for liyan so tt we can go home together. before heading home, we went to look for corinne in the shopping arcade. liyan bought something for her and she gave one of them to mi and one to corinne. thx liyan for the keychain! ok. so nth much special to tok abt already. gtg. tata!

the keychain liyan bought! thx liyan!!

12:44 PM ❤


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