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Thursday, October 2, 2008
went to sw's b'dae chalet on mon wif darlings. it was raining heavily beofre i even went out of the hse so i was thinking whether the bbq will be cancelled but i still went in the end. the rain stop during evening therefore the bbq is still on. the chalet place was damn wulu. it was rite at the end of the road! if i were to go there alone, i would rather turn back and go home so u can imagine how the place is lyk. but there were 4 rooms there so the chalet was a rather big place. during the bbq, i din cook the food but instead the b'dae guy and his gf jy was cooking for us. haha. then fiona darling came late so we went all the way to the bus stop to pick her up. after the bbq end, fiona's dad drove us to bishan mrt to alight. thanks fiona and her dad! jy and i share a cab home after tt. anw, happy b'dae song wee!

tues, went sch to play badminton. i was late for one and a half hours. haha! so reached there at 12.30pm and i played for onli 1 hrs and left at 1.30pm. i tink tt the badminton session is not as good as the previous one we had. and i din play as much as i do the previous time. liyan din turn up tt day. so without her, the place was a little quiet. haha. oops! hope she wun see this. haha. during the night, celebrated my dad's b'dae wif swesen's ice cream cake. it was delicious! and happy b'dae, papa!

wed, was supposed to meet up wif darlings but it was cancelled cos fiona cant go and jermaine and i gotta leave early. hope to meet them soon! in the afternoon, had wushu outing which is having dinner at a steamboat place at amk. surprisingly, liyan wore a skirt. haha. she was late for an hr due to some reason. we had fun at the place and there were re-appointment of comittee members in the middle of the outing. congrats to all the seniors tt have gotten their posts. and all the best to those tt are stepping down. after the outing, liping, naiyu, liyan and i went around to walk in amk hub. we r lyk toking thru out rather than shopping. haha. we walk for a little while and off we head for home. went to tpy wif liyan and i bought sudoku and word search from popular. i realli got nth better to do so i bought them to kill my boredom. anw, happy children's day! and selamat hari raya adilfitri to my muslim frens! and hope my dad recover soon from his injury. recover soon, papa! ok. i shall stop here. tata!

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