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Friday, October 17, 2008
yoyo! im back! i tink i blog more often when my sch starts. so weird. haha. this week, tutorials lasted for 1 hour for almost every module except oral communication! i can say tt the tutor for oral communication is funy and lame but frens tt had been taught by him said tt his grading is very strict and tt we mus have hand gesture, walk around the class and have eye contact wif the listener while presenting. omg! i tink it will be difficult for mi sia. cos when i look at people, i will forget wad i want to say and i tink when i hold scripts, my hands will tremble. haha. my individual presentation on movie review will be next week i guess. hope tt i will not embarass myself and be so nervous. guess wad the tutor say abt mi? he say tt im shy!!! the people hu noe mi and are reading this post must be thinking: "got meh? she is noisy de lorx!" haha. maybe i shld try not to be scared of the tutor and mus try to speak up liao if not i might fail this module. ok. ytd, went back to whitley for a concert. i feel tt im cheated lorx and i was fucked up! cos someone did something tt made mi feel lyk tt. to tink tt i spend $5 on the ticket for the concert, i din really enjoy it and i would rather stay home to use my laptop to watch shows rather than goin there to waste time but i still see darling jun and jiayen there so it it was not exactly worthless. i oso saw sherlyn, xiaojuan and some other ppl there. after the concert, went home straight away cos jy got pw to do so went home to take dinner. when i got home, i wanted to wash my contact lens then i did a stupid thing tt causes my contact lens to break!!! argh!!! waste my money sia. cos i din even wear it for a month! haix. guess i will have to wear specs to sch until i buy my contact lens. ok. i got to start doin my tutorials liao. so bye!

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