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Tuesday, October 14, 2008
ytd, gotta pull myself up frm bed to prevent mi from being late on the first day of the new sem and it's oso due to not used to waking up early everyday since the holidays had started one and a half month ago. lesson was ok ytd except tt the AFA tutor became another person becos the tutor who supposedly is our tutor went for reservice so had to wait for a month before he came back. so the AFA tutor was strict and was told tt we will be having her as our tutor again in year 3. omg! but she say our accounting class is suppose to be having better grades for accounting than the rest of the course but we did not achieve tt so she said tt we need to be different frm them. ok fine. then we start off wif the tutorial 1 on the first day so tt we need not have make-up lessons. then after tt, it was POM lecture. it was fine as it's onli the introduction of the module. then after the lesson end, went to queue up to get notes. the queue was damn long can!!! and it was tedious to carry the 3 sets of notes back home.

today was an unlucky day, if u wanna noe, u can ask mi or liyan. i shan't eleborate here. the day went on smoothly and the last lesson we had was microeconomics. i can say tt i understand the lesson but i was so tired tt i dozed off half way thru the lecture so i guess i did miss out something. haha. ok. tmr will be wed so will be having training and finally, i found someone tt i can exchange my books wif! thx yaoteck! ok. i gtg now. seeya!

8:40 PM ❤


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