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Saturday, December 20, 2008
yoyo! im back to blogging!
mon: completed the questionaire tt is used to interview the manager for POM project. so it was considered not bad oredi but now, we mus wait for manager to let us interview before we can carry on wif the proj. so any managers? pls let us interview u!
tues: stayed home and do nth! use laptop the whole day. so sian lorx.
wed: had wushu training and i miss wushu for 3 weeks so tot tt the training will be tough but it was ok i guess. i guess real training will start during the camp?!?!!?
thurs: daddy brought me and sis to change new fone so i got a new handphone now! thanks daddy. tot of getting a fone tt does not requires to pay money but in the end mine nid to pay and sister's dun nid to pay. i feel so bad lorx cos i tink i made daddy spent so much money on mi cos i got new laptop not long ago and now it's handphone. haix. shall not ask him to waste any more money liao. nid to save up le.
fri: went out for a little while wif sis to buy x'mas present. i spent lyk $30+ jus to get 2 presents. omg! luckily i dun nid to get any more presents i guess. cos my time is insufficient to meet up wif all my frens. will be able to meet up wif my darlings on sunday for only a short gathering becos of personal reasons to leave early. haix. how i wish i can stay longer. nvm, i can meet up wif them some other day when they r free and im free too but i noe it's quite difficult to arrange.

looking forward to sunday to meet darlings and it will be dong zhi tt day so will be able to have glutinous rice balls(tang yuan). hehe. then mon to wed will be having wushu training camp. hope tt it wun be tt tough. ok. and oh ya, wendalyn and fiona are back from overseas! welcum back! hope u both enjoy ur trip and i tink u all will esp. wendalyn cos i tink she had eaten alot of nice food there! i gtg now. haven finish packing my camp stuff yet so tata! till the next time i blog!(:

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