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Saturday, April 25, 2009
club crawl is finally over! i noe im late cos other ppl wrote on their blog long time ago. haha. but it's ok. btr than nv blog. hehe. anw, club crawl is a good experience for everybody esp the juniors i guess. cos to mi, i have learned alot of things and i admit tt i wasn't very good at explaining and asking people to join. so from this, i really tried very hard to ask ppl to join and i dunno y, they see mi and they will walk away. ): but luckily, the rest of the wushu ppl got ppl write for them, if not we will not have ppl registering. will try my best next time and be more high next time. anw, club crawl is a success and the most important thing tt i learn is tt i shld not use pencil to write on the photobook. haha. okok. i shldn't elaborate much.

today, went out wif the 5 ladies even when i was feeling damn tired. i was late as usual. hehe. anw, we went to the mind cafe and there's lots of games for us to play! it was so fun. had a great time laughing and playing. it's my first time there and will not hesitate to go there again cos i really enjoy it! well, we also learned some gtames tt we didn't played before and i can conclude that my drawing sucks so dun ask mi to draw. i tink onli the 5 ladies will noe wad im toking abt. haha. so we left the place at 6pm and went for a walk around and decided to go bugis. so we walk there. it's also my first time walking there from dhoby ghaut. ok. there's many first time today for mi. haha. it's also the first time i wear the platform today and of cos i kena blister but nvm, enjoy walking at bugis cos i din walk there for quite some time due to hectic schedule. we saw some nice stuff but in the end din get anything. i wan to get alot of things! but someone please provide mi wif the money! okok. i shall stop here. if not ppl will start falling asleep. bye!

group photo at mind cafe!

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