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Wednesday, April 1, 2009
yo! here to blog becos liyan dare mi to! hehe. today's wushu was great! so shiok man! sweat alot and im damn tired cos maybe i was late i rush to the sports hall. then tt rush took up alot of my energy! haha. so i was oredi half dead after the warm up. then after the training, it was more fun! cos we(me and liping) went high and started suaning liyan! it was great man! long time din suan her until lyk tt liao. haha. we tok abt our future. and we keep on saying tt she will be the first to get married cos she keep on saying tt she will not have a bf. and we even tok abt the kids she gonna have. we suan liyan tt next time she will hold 2 kids one on each hand, piggy back 2 kids one in front and 1 behind, and her husband will push the 4 prams which is 4 kids. haha. ppl max 2 prams together but she special, got 4 prams tt can be attached to one another. haha. so total, she will have 8 kids! but if she tiniks tt it's not enuf, the elder ones can still form a line lyk the train and walk in front! her kids will be able to form a soccer team! haha. it was so damn fun suaning her. yupp. so tis is wad she dare mi to do. hehe. ok. shall stop here. hope tt my tagboard will not be spammed. will be starting to build up my stamin cos im always halfdead when i was in the middle of the routine! mus work hard for my grading! jiayou!(:

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