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Tuesday, April 21, 2009
yo! im back! it's been long since the last time i really blog. so time past. my grading is over! before i tok abt tis, i received souvenir or rather present from ck bro from genting. thanks bro! i have got another wallet and i really lyk it alot cos it has got green and white colour! and he gave mi a huge lollipop! i dunno how to eat cos it's realli huge. haha. but thx anw. will find time to eat it. hehe.

the huge lollipop and wallet!

ok. i oso receive a sovenir from zhimin. she bought it from genting which is the same place as bro. she bought mi a keychain which is very cute. thanks zhimin! it dun look lyk mi for sure and yes, i realli realli realli dun tink it look lyk mi! haha. see it for urself below. does it look lyk mi? leave mi a tag. haha.

the keychain.

so i will now tok abt grading. the feeling of doin the routine in front of the judges weren't good. i was damn nervous and obviously i did something tt i shouldn't have done. which is nearly forgetting the steps and stopping for a while to recall them. haha. and i was shivering during the routine. i didn't felt tt nervous when i was dancing on the stage during secondary sch or even during SYF! it was my first time and there will be many more times to come! omg! mus overcome the fear. well, jus hope tt i will get a bronze. i will be satisfied. haha. ok enuf of it. this few days have been spent preparing for club crawl and my task is done. next will be the 2 actual day so hope everything will go on smoothly.

anw, went for a swim wif karen and zhimin on mon cos we din do so for quite some time le. the weather wasn't quite good when we enter the swimming complex but when we started swimming, the weather started to change and i have got sun burnt on my face now. not very serious though. anw, had a fun time there. hehe.

school's starting soon! gotta be mentally prepared for my year 2! i tink it's gonna be tedious due to the time-table. ok. i shall go now. bye!

11:16 PM ❤


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